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Viilage Health & Development Program

    Viilage Health & Development Program
    Medical Camps & Seminars
    Panchgani  March 05,2019
    Viilage Health & Development Program Details:  

    Village Health and Development program in the rural areas of MahabaleshwarTaluka, Satara District
    For the  lastfew years Bel-Air Hospital has been  implementing a  comprehensive village health and development program in the hilly areas of MahabeleshwarTaluka of Satara District with funding from various organizations.  The project area has 123 villages including 12 Muras (villages set on top of mountains)  with a total population of 72830. This  is one of the most inaccessible part of Maharashtra tucked in the Sahyadri hills across the Shivsagar lake created by the Koyana dam. The Primary Health Care Centers (PHC) are most often  under staffed or non-functional. Health Care workers specially doctors are reluctant to be posted to such PHCs. The access is through country boats and in the monsoons boats do not ply. The project is quiet challenging which required the team to set up base camps across the lake to provide services in the villages.  A team of 2 experienced social workers and 10 nurses are posted in the area. 

    Summary of activities conducted since August 2015 is given below.


    Name of the Activity



    Village Assessments

    31 villages


    Community Meetings

    160Meetings  and3168 people attended.


    Medical Camps

    76 medical camps and  3832 villagers attended.
    4 Dental camps  held at Bel-Air Hospital, 174 children and 50 adults benefited


    Awareness Campaigns

    400 awareness campaigns and 7726 people participated.


    Family Files

    557 files prepared


    Hb Testing

    1069 persons tested .690 found anaemic. Initiated corrective interventions.


    Body Mass Index

    3007 persons checked.
    1486 found malnourished.
    Nutritional education and support initiated.


    Vegetable Garden

    398 families


    Diabetic Screening

    923 people tested .143 found diabetic.
    Diet counselling given and linked to treatment.






    139 children.



    226cases .


    Curative Services

    2225 persons


    Anti TB work



    Sputum screening

    5790 screened. Sputum Positive 309. 
    MDR Positive - 31


    Water Supply System 

    31 villages


    Rain Water Harvesting

    1 village – 40 lakh liters

    The villagers now have better access to quality health care. The overall health of the children in the target area has  improved due to the nutritional support provided through the project. Villages have started kitchen gardening. Due to the rain water harvesting and water supply projects, drinking water needs are addressed.

    Due to the project there has been a significant improvement  in levels of hygiene and general health of the target population. There has been a marked change in the attitude towards medical care, institutional deliveries, hygiene, nutritional aspect, maternal health etc.

    The government noted the excellent work being carried out by Bel-Air of the comprehensive health care provided to the rural villages of MahabaleshwarTaluka. On 4th July 2018 the Government of Maharashtra handed over two Primary Health Centers at Taldev and Tapolaand 14 sub-centres to Bel-Air. This is the first time the Government has handed over such facilities to another organisation. Within the five months of taking over, the PHCs are now among the top performers in the District. The performance of the two PHCS in  the first 5 months can be viewed